HomePriceHistory.com.au was publically launched in August 2008 and is owned by HomePriceHistory.com Pty Ltd. HomePriceHistory.com Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company and has been operating since 2005. It is based in South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. For all media enquiries, please use the contact form here.


The concept began in 2006 when one of the founders of Home Price History started looking for his first home to buy. Like many people, he started a list of properties that allowed him to record the sale price of similar properties in the suburbs of interest. He did this by creating a spreadsheet that listed all the properties he had visited or read about, and added comments such as if the place was close to shops and/or schools, if it had good access to public transport, and anything that would help him better estimate the value of the property. While all these factors were useful, the most critical piece of information was that which related to previous sale prices.

So when a few friends combined their respective lists, Home Price History was born.

So, if you have ever kept a spreadsheet, or perhaps a bit of paper with information on property, then you'll want to upgrade to Home Price History.


HomePriceHistory.com.au will always be free.


Home Price History is ferociously anti any sort of unsolicited email. We will never forward, loan, rent, lease or sell your details to anyone. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy here.


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